prepare for the next era of commerce at the bluecore summit 2019


Prepare for the Next Era of Commerce at the Bluecore Summit 2019

By Caitlin Vance

The fifth annual Bluecore Summit hits NYC September 17-18, and it promises to deliver can’t-miss strategies and hands-on advice from retail marketing leaders.

Rockstar marketers from brands like TomboyX, Under Armour, Jockey and Shutterfly will take the stage alongside industry experts from Forrester and Bluecore. Discussions throughout the day will focus on using retail data to strengthen customer relationships, advancing marketing strategies with the new class of technology and scaling brand growth by breaking down organizational silos. Here’s a look at what to expect from Bluecore.

Ushering in the Next Era of Commerce with Fayez Mohamood

Fayez Mohamood, co-founder and CEO of Bluecore, is actively reimagining the role of technology and data in direct-to-consumer retail. He believes that companies like Bluecore will play a strategic role in the industry’s transformation by equipping marketers with the technology and insights necessary to make the shift to direct-to-consumer models.

Fayez will kick off the main day of the Bluecore Summit with a look at what’s next for retail. He’ll share examples from some of the top brands helping shape the next era of commerce and discuss how marketers like you can do the same.

Check out Fayez’s presentation from last year’s Bluecore Summit, during which he outlined what’s in store for the next five years of retail, for a preview of what to expect:

Understanding the Retail Data Model of the Future with Sherene Hilal and Max Bennett

Sherene Hilal, VP of Product Marketing and Business Operations at Bluecore, has spent her career looking to solve the problem of distributed commerce — that people buy where they are — and the challenge of discovery as the choice of products available and the places to buy these products continues to explode. She believes that Bluecore is uniquely suited to drive a future state of marketing where technology makes it simple for brands to connect people with the right products and offers.

Max Bennett, co-founder and VP of Product at Bluecore, is fascinated with finding ways in which artificial intelligence can help businesses run better. He believes retail is the industry where this transformation will occur first and is dedicated to leading the way.

Sherene and Max will take the stage at the Blueore Summit to discuss the technology required for brands to operate effectively in the next era of commerce. They’ll explain why this technology is fundamentally different from what we’ve seen to date, covering everything from the retail data model on which it’s built to the initiatives it makes possible.

Check out Sherene’s recent presentation on the technology blind spots holding retailers back for a preview of what to expect:

Don’t Miss Out on the Bluecore Summit 2019

The Bluecore Summit 2019 will be jam-packed with strategies from revolutionary brands and industry insights from experts like Bluecore and Forrester.

If you haven’t already registered, now is your chance to join this community of rockstar marketers. RSVP now to attend the Bluecore Summit, September 17-18 in NYC.

Caitlin Vance

Caitlin Vance

Caitlin is the Events Marketing Manager at Bluecore. With over eight years of experience planning industry events like eTail, Caitlin now runs Bluecore’s presence at events like IRCE, Shoptalk, and the Bluecore Summit. Caitlin is a proud Rutgers University alum and enjoys all things college basketball, running, cooking, and the Oxford comma.

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