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Perry Ellis Webinar Shows Incremental Gains of Triggered Emails

By Bluecore Marketing | December 9, 2015

Yesterday, Bluecore sat down with one of our favorite retail partners, Justin Roisman of Perry Ellis International, and spent an hour talking to retail marketers about the incremental revenue possibilities of Perry Ellis triggered email programs. Justin was kind enough to give folks a peek behind the Perry Ellis curtain – where they were struggling, what the goals they set, and how the set out to achieve them. Along the way we acknowledge and discard a few email industry myths and provide what we hope are tangible examples that might beneficial to others.

Missed the webinar? That stinks, but we don’t hold it against you. Here are the three myths our webinar broke down, as well as some of the key takeaways marketers got from the presentation:


  • Myth #1 – Triggered email programs take months to set up, even for a single trigger
  • Myth #2 – Abandoned Cart is the only trigger worth running
  • Myth #3 – In order to reach my larger customer base, I need to spend a lot of time on segmentation for promotional sends

Key Takeaways

  • How to leverage catalog data to send unique, customer service-like email triggers beyond the typical Cart Abandonment Recipe
  • How to augment triggers for higher conversions (using techniques including dynamic content sync and multi-touch approaches)
  • How to add relevance to your promotional sends for individual customers

Bluecore Marketing

Bluecore Marketing