What to expect at the Bluecore Summit 2019


What to Expect at the Bluecore Summit 2019

By Sarah Cascone

The fifth annual Bluecore Summit will have it all: Heavy-hitting strategies, revolutionary brands, rockstar marketers

Today’s most revolutionary brands and the rockstar marketers driving their businesses forward will share their secrets at the fifth annual Bluecore Summit, this September in NYC. Here’s what to expect.

Why Are We Here? 3 Realities Facing Retail Marketers Everywhere

The retail marketing space has reached a critical inflection point as technology, consumer expectations and marketer priorities change. Retail marketers everywhere now face three undeniable trends:

Carving a Path Forward: 3 Leading Marketers Share Their Strategies for Growth

Three rockstar marketers representing some of today’s most successful, fastest-growing brands will take the stage at the Bluecore Summit to share their strategies for growth and how they’ve responded to the changing retail climate.

Building a Foundation for Greatness: Lori Gatto of TomboyX on how learnings from traditional retail can accelerate D2C brand growth

After 15+ years in retail, Lori Gatto, VP of Marketing at TomboyX, has seen a lot of change. She’s watched a shifting economy impact consumer spending habits, seen the rise and fall of physical stores, witnessed Amazon’s shot to the top and had a front-row seat to the explosion of consumer data, especially as new channels for engagement entered the scene. Most recently, she’s watched email make a resurgence. 

Critically, Lori has been through all these changes at a variety of different brands, including Office Max, Blue Nile, Express and now TomboyX. This experience has demonstrated that every brand (and their customer base) is unique, and while the hurdles facing each might be different, everyone has their challenges. But according to Lori, whether you’re at a B2C or B2B retailer, a traditional or D2C brand or anything else, there are a core set of questions you must answer for your business to thrive. When Lori takes the stage at the Bluecore Summit, she’ll share these all-important questions and how she navigated them at different brands.

Balancing Innovation and Stability: Julie Sukosd of Under Armour shares what it takes to mature digital marketing strategies

The traditional brands thriving today are those embracing the shifts in retail and adopting an agile mentality — without immensely disrupting their established business models. It’s a tricky balance to find, but it is possible. And perhaps no one knows that better than Julie Sukosd, Director of Digital Performance Marketing & CRM at Under Armour.

As an enterprise brand with an intricate structure and massive customer base, Under Armour has had to balance innovation and stability within online marketing. When Julie takes the stage at the Bluecore Summit, she’ll share how Under Armour worked with Bluecore to plot a maturity curve for their digital programs that has allowed them to scale their email program globally and expand into other channels as they continue to improve 1:1 communications with customers and drive revenue for the business.

Breaking Up With Your ESP: Sami Lockerby of Jockey dishes on finding the right ESP to help modernize your email marketing program

In today’s technology-driven world, marketing teams must evaluate their tech stack regularly. And when those evaluations happen, many marketers find that the systems they’ve used for the last decade or more no longer meet their needs.

That’s exactly what Sami Lockerby, Director of Online Customer Experience at Jockey, found when she evaluated ESP performance in light of the brand’s email marketing goals. According to Sami, the team found that their legacy ESP wasn’t evolving alongside their goals and the retail industry at large, and they knew there had to be a better way forward. Sami will lead a roundtable discussion at the Bluecore Summit, during which she’ll share how Jockey worked on a proof of concept to consolidate their email program with Bluecore.

Join Us at the Bluecore Summit this September

Heavy-hitting strategies, revolutionary brands, rockstar marketers: The fifth annual Bluecore Summit will have it all. Now is your chance to join the expert retail community ushering in the next era of commerce. RSVP now to join us at the Bluecore Summit, September 17-18 in NYC.

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Sarah Cascone

With 10+ years of marketing experience, Sarah has a passion for connecting the human aspect of marketing to business growth. As the Director of Marketing at Bluecore, Sarah’s mission lies in the strategic development of brand awareness to influence company revenue goals and support go-to-market initiatives, with a specific focus on Events, PR, Advocacy, and Analyst Relations.

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