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Breaking Down eCommerce Triggered Email Benchmarks

By Christie Albano | October 10, 2018

How well do your triggered emails perform? Every retail marketer needs to know the answer to this question.

While the channels on which to engage customers have exploded, email remains among the most valuable options for retailers. And triggered emails, in particular, continue to drive significant revenue at the bottom of the funnel.

As a result, it’s essential that every retailer’s email marketing team keeps a constant pulse on email performance to understand how various changes to emails impact engagement and how those results compare to industry benchmarks.

Find the Best eCommerce Triggered Email Benchmarks for Your Brand

Fortunately, Bluecore made it easier than ever to find the best eCommerce triggered email benchmarks for your brand when we introduced our Email Performance Calculator.

Bluecore’s Email Performance Calculator is an interactive tool that provides custom eCommerce triggered email benchmarks based on your retail vertical, average order value (over or under $100) and monthly unique visitor count (over or under 300,000).

Over the past year and a half, we have refreshed the data that feeds into the calculator each quarter and provided a variety of insights to go along with those data refreshes, including tips on how to best use the calculator and advice on what changes in the data each quarter mean for retail marketing teams.

What the Latest eCommerce Triggered Email Benchmarks Reveal

On the heels of our research about the cost of an unsubscribe, we decided to analyze the unsubscribe benchmarks this quarter. Specifically, let’s take a look at how triggered email unsubscribe benchmarks vary based on retail vertical, average order value and monthly unique visitor counts.

Looking across all verticals, we find that retailers with less trafficked sites see significantly higher unsubscribe rates compared to those with more trafficked sites. We can likely attribute this difference to the fact that retailers with more monthly unique visitors are also likely to have a larger base of email subscribers.

This pattern changes when we look at specific retail verticals. For example, average order value impacts unsubscribe rates for both apparel and beauty & jewelry retailers.

Within these verticals, retailers with lower average order values experience higher unsubscribe rates than those with higher average order values. That impact aside, we still see that retailers with more monthly unique visitors have lower unsubscribe rates.

Meanwhile, average order value has the opposite impact on unsubscribe rates for home goods and footwear retailers. In these verticals, retailers with a higher average order value see higher unsubscribe rates.

Interestingly, both verticals see a large discrepancy in unsubscribe rates based on average order value for retailers with more trafficked sites and a very minimal discrepancy in unsubscribe rates for retailers with less trafficked sites. Looking at footwear, in particular, this discrepancy suggests that shoppers’ willingness to regularly replenish shoes depends in part on price point.

How Does Your Triggered Email Performance Stack Up?

So how well do your triggered emails perform? To take a closer look at the data and determine how your triggered email performance stacks up to benchmarks from similar retailers, check out our Email Performance calculator.

Christie Albano

Christie Albano

Christie joined the Data Insights & Strategy team at Bluecore soon after graduating with her Master's in Statistics. As a Data Analyst at Bluecore, Christie analyzes behavioral and transactional data to power data-driven strategy both internally and for enterprise clients.