Bluecore News Bluecore Launches 124 Rivington, Makes MarTech Fashion a Thing

By Liz Bedor

Following exciting news of a partnership with user-generated content platform, Olapic, and release of predictive audiences, today Bluecore launched its first fashion line, 124 Rivington. The innovative collection offers home decor and apparel for women, men and kids, specializing in dinosaur t-shirts, among other hipster clothing styles such as crop tops, overalls and mom jeans. The name 124 Rivington is a nod to the company’s flagship location in Manhattan’s new MarTech fashion district, also known as the Lower East Side.

Bluecore’s Head of Marketing, Ryan Luckin, explains why the email marketing platform decided to branch out into fashion saying, “Frankly, I was bored. This seemed like fun. Using data science and machine learning to predict future buyer behaviors makes my brain hurt. Everyone loves an awesome t-shirt, so this was rather obvious.” Luckin also cited this year’s Met Gala theme, Fashion in an Age of Technology, as inspiration. “I read about the IBM Watson dress that was embedded with LED lights and I thought, ‘That’s nothing. Bluecore could do even better.'”

124 Rivington

While most of Bluecore’s employees and customers seem to be excited about the new endeavor, the company’s CEO, Fayez Mohamood, seems utterly confused. Mohamood explains, “When I initially heard the idea, I thought our marketing team was creating an authentic way to experience Bluecore’s technology first-hand. I’m not really sure what happened after that.”

Consistent with Mohamood’s reaction, Bluecore software engineer, Andrew Okoh, also doesn’t know what to think about the launch. “I always thought fashion in the tech industry consisted of hoodies and sneakers, but I also always thought Bluecore just made marketing technology. Now I don’t know what to think.”

Bluecore 124 Rivington

The collection will be debuted today, as Lower East Side’s annual Fashion Week kicks off, modeled exclusively by Bluecore employees on their way to work. The highly anticipated event is reportedly expected to draw as many as 150 people, including that guy from Katz’s Deli and various graffiti artists. All pieces will also be available to retail marketers online at

[Disclosure: Although Bluecore is totally qualified to create a standalone fashion brand, our eCommerce site doesn’t have all of the functionality that you might expect from a “real” retail company. Whatever. Go check it out anyway.]

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