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Analyzing eCommerce Triggered Email Performance

By Christie Albano

In 2018, every retail marketer and eCommerce shopper alike knows the power of triggered emails.

For retail marketers, triggered emails power highly personalized, bottom of the funnel communications that drive significant revenue (ideally with minimal effort due to their automated nature). And that’s because as consumers, we’ve all been lured back to a retailer’s website to finally make that purchase we’ve been debating thanks to a reminder from a friendly triggered email.

But those are just anecdotes. Qualitatively, we know triggered emails perform well. But what do the numbers tell us? And how does triggered email performance differ among retailers of various types and sizes?

Benchmarking Triggered Emails with Bluecore’s Email Performance Calculator

Last year, Bluecore released our Email Performance Calculator to make it easy for retail marketers to benchmark their triggered email performance.

The idea behind the Email Performance Calculator was simple: Provide an interactive tool that allows you to input basic information about your eCommerce business (retail vertical, average order value and monthly unique visitors) and get triggered email benchmarks from similar retailers based on those factors.

In the year-plus since we introduced the Email Performance Calculator, we have updated the data each quarter to include the newest performance trends, analyzed changes in the data and provided advice on how to use the data to inform your email marketing efforts.

A Refresh for Bluecore’s Email Performance Calculator

Today, we’re refreshing our Email Performance Calculator once again — but not just with the latest quarter of data on triggered email performance.

This time around, we’re also giving the retail verticals featured in our Email Performance Calculator a refresh to better reflect the differences between certain types of retailers and their shoppers’ behaviors.

The new options for retail vertical include:

  • Apparel
  • Beauty & Jewelry
  • Footwear
  • Home

These categories are simpler than the previous options (Apparel & Accessories, Food & Leisure, Home & Beauty and Technology & Hardware) and allow us to hone in on more vertical-specific trends in triggered email performance.

For example, footwear retailers previously rolled up under the Apparel & Accessories category, but separating these two verticals has shed light on some interesting differences between them, including:

1) Email Engagement Holds Steady for Apparel Retailers, But Differs Based on Site Traffic for Footwear Retailers

First, we see a much bigger variation in email click and conversion rates among different types of footwear retailers than we see among apparel retailers.

Whereas click rates among apparel retailers don’t vary much based on average order value or monthly unique visitors and conversion rates vary only based on average order value, it’s a much different story in the footwear space.

Footwear retailers see a notable fluctuation in both click and conversion rates depending on their average order value and monthly unique visitor count.

2) Unsubscribe Rates Vary Among Apparel and Footwear Retailers

Second, we see a marked variation in unsubscribe rates when comparing apparel and footwear retailers.

Not only do unsubscribe rates vary more for apparel retailers based on their average order value and monthly unique visitor count, but those rates also look very different than they do for footwear retailers.

When comparing these two verticals, we see the biggest difference in unsubscribe rates among retailers with an average order value under $100 and with less than 300,000 monthly unique visitors. The unsubscribe rate for apparel retailers in this group reaches 0.49%, compared to 0.18% for footwear retailers in this group.

Dive Into the Triggered Email Performance Data

Ready for a closer look at the differences in triggered email performance among retailers of different types and sizes? Check out the latest refresh to our Email Performance Calculator to dive into the data and see how your email program stacks up to those of similar retailers.

Christie Albano

Christie Albano

Christie joined the Data Insights & Strategy team at Bluecore soon after graduating with her Master's in Statistics. As a Data Analyst at Bluecore, Christie analyzes behavioral and transactional data to power data-driven strategy both internally and for enterprise clients.