Bluecore Partners with Google Cloud to Create New Efficiency Between Retail CMOs and CIOs

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Best Buy Canada Makes Marketing Smarter with Bluecore

Discover how Bluecore helps Best Buy Canada launch new campaigns quickly and easily, confidently create personalized emails and regularly improve campaign performance.

162% Increase in RPE found through A/B testing
103% Increase in click-to-open rate found through A/B testing

Launch New Campaigns Quickly and Easily

Bluecore allows Best Buy Canada to build audiences, create email templates and launch new triggers faster than ever and without any IT or development support thanks to Bluecore’s easy-to-use interface and Visual Template Editor (VTE).

Confidently create personalized email campaigns

Best Buy Canada relies on Bluecore to confidently create personalized email campaigns based on customers’ past behavior in order to take a true a data-backed approach to email marketing.

Regularly improve campaign performance

With Bluecore, Best Buy Canada can iterate and optimize campaigns regularly, for example by making tweaks to templates and working strategically with Bluecore’s Customer Success team in order to increase key metrics like click-to-open rate and revenue per email.

“The simplicity of implementation, gathering data and using the platform overall was really where Bluecore shined.”